Top 10 travel apps

Top 10 travel apps

Top 10 apps for travellers in 2013.

Let’s face it. Even the most experienced traveller needs some help with their travels now and then. Here are 10 travel apps that will do everything from booking your flights, organising your travel itinerary and reading out loud points of interest as you travel by!

TripIt Travel App

Tripit £FREE

As travellers ourselves, this travel app is one of our personal favourites, and perhaps the number one travel app for organising a trip. This app is the easiest way to organise and share travel. TripIt automatically takes a travellers trip details and creates one truly helpful itinerary that’s always there when a traveller needs it – on their iPhone or iPad, sync’d with calendars, and online at

Especially helpful for frequent travellers is TripIt Pro, which monitors their flights for potential airfare savings, and sends status alerts and other helpful reminders while traveling. It’s like having your own personal travel assistant for £35 per year.

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Georeader Travel App

Georeader £1.99

This travel app automatically reads out loud to you historical markers and other points of interest as you walk or drive by them. Travellers have access to over 120,000 points of interest throughout US, Canada, Mexico and United Kingdom and the European Mainland. Travellers can add their own points of interest and top tips to share what they know about an area.

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Kayak Travel App

Kayak £FREE

Kayak claims this is the #1 mobile travel app. It includes flight and car search, hotel search and booking, flight tracker and My Trips, so travellers have their full itinerary at their fingertips. With this travel app, travellers can compare flight, hotel and car rental deals, book hotels, track a flight status and manage their trip itineraries. Travellers can upgrade to the PRO version for neat airport terminal maps, but at a cost of £0.69.

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Packing Pro Travel App

Packing Pro £1.99

A clever packing to-do list for forgetful travellers. This travel app creates packing lists based on the number of travellers and days of travel. No matter they are going, or how they get there, travellers need to pack, and Packing Pro is the essential travel app for that. Its ability to take into account weather, destination, food preparation and even laundry preferences means travellers can take the easy route when it comes to packing. Quick, simple, reliable & infinitely customizable, Packing Pro can be your helpful travel companion on all of your trips.

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TripAdvisor Travel App

TripAdvisor Offline City Guides £FREE

A travellers worst nightmare – data roaming charges! With this travel app you can avoid them completely because all the travel guides are stored offline on your phone. This means travellers won’t be charged for expensive data roaming. Searching for burgers around Union Square? Or do you just want to find a highly recommended place near you? With this travel app, travellers can easily search any way they want, and find exactly what’s best for them and their travel companions.

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Weather Live Travel App

Weather Live £1.49

All you need to know about weather, wherever you’re going. This travel app provides travellers with current weather conditions and forecasts for cities all around the world. This is a beautiful travel app and updates instantly as you travel. Travellers can search for a specific location by postcode, zipcode, latitude/longitude, IP, Airport Code, city/town name and magical animations reflect real-time weather conditions. Don’t let bad weather take you by surprise!

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iTranslate Travel App

iTranslate £FREE

This app helps travellers break down language barriers. iTranslate is an award winning translation travel app with state of the art technology to help travellers speak any language in a second. iTranslate is optimised for fast text input. You’ll get suggestions while you’re typing, and you can turn your phone to the side to use both hands for typing. Travellers can translate between more than 60 languages and with voice recognition and text-to-speech features, travellers will be speaking with the locals in no time.

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Flight Tracker Travel App

Flight Track Pro £6.99

Not the cheapest travel app, but, it can import flight information from airline confirmation emails and has real-time status updates for gates, delays and cancellations. Full international coverage means travellers can track all their flights worldwide, and the travel app can help find alternate flights due to delays or cancellations. This app automatically syncs itineraries with TripIt, but frequent travellers might want to skip this app and purchase TripIt Pro, which will give travellers instant alerts about flight delays, cancellations, and gate changes sent right to their phone.

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World Clock Pro Travel App

World Clock Pro £1.49

Planning global activities will never be easier. World Clock Pro allows travellers to select an unlimited number of world cities to be displayed. For selected time zones travellers can set multiple alarms and can view a wide selection of world cities and plan business or personal relations worldwide without problems. If you travel a lot this is a great easy-to-use travel app for everyday use.

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XE Currency Travel App

XE Currency £1.49

Foreign currency has given many traveller a headache. Well here’s a travel app every serious traveller shouldn’t leave home without. It has live currency rates and charts for every currency in the world, a converter, and can refresh the rates every minute. And you can use it offline – this travel app can convert prices without internet access. XE Currency was an app of the week in iTunes, and has been featured by the BBC, CNN, and The Travel Channel.

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What are your thoughts on these travel apps? Did we miss something, or include a travel app that shouldn’t be there? What would be in your top 10 travel app list? Feel free to share and add your comments below!

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