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Top 10 UK hotels - TripAdvisor

Top 10 UK hotels

The Travellers’ Choice top 10 UK hotels. Following the recent news that TripAdvisor™ is being investigated by the ASA after they received hundreds of complaints from dissatisfied hoteliers, TripAdvisor has just revealed its Travellers’ Choice best hotels list. What do …

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TripAdvisor business survey

TripAdvisor launches Friend of a Friend app

TripAdvisor launches its ‘Friend of a Friend’ feature. Representing the next step in making travel planning more social for the TripAdvisor® global community, travellers are now ten times

TripAdvisor business survey

TripAdvisor business survey reveals U.S. hotels optimistic

The TripAdvisor industry index reveals the hospitality industry's top trends. TripAdvisor® today announced the results of the annual TripAdvisor industry index - one of the world's largest hotel business

TripAdvisor reveals America's top winter destinations

TripAdvisor reveals America’s top winter destinations

America’s top winter vacation rental getaway destinations according to TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor® today announced America’s top winter vacation rental getaway destinations for 2011, based on TripAdvisor vacation rental inquiry data

Best food and wine destinations

TripAdvisor best food and wine destinations in Europe

The Travellers' Choice top 10 food and wine destinations in Europe. TripAdvisor has just revealed the winners of its 2011 Travellers’ Choice® Food and Wine Destinations awards. Seventy outstanding destinations

TripAdvisor traffic reaches 50 million

TripAdvisor traffic reaches 50 million

TripAdvisor hits 50 million unique monthly visitors. Following recent headlines that the ASA is investigating TripAdvisor™ after receiving complaints that some reviews might be faked, TripAdvisor has just revealed

TripAdvisor under investigation

TripAdvisor under investigation

TripAdvisor - reviews you can trust? An advertising watchdog is investigating TripAdvisor™ over allegations about the genuineness of its reviews. The complaint was made to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

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