Retiring to Spain

Spain - 10 best reasons to retire there

Living and retirement in Spain.

Retiring to Spain is as popular as ever. Spectacular natural beauty, welcoming people, fabulous food and an exceptionally low cost of living.

Retirement life comes alive in Spain and there are a wide variety of lively social activities and established international communities to make you feel at home.

Do you know others who have retired to Spain already, or perhaps you’ve enjoyed a remarkable holiday in Spain and it seems like a great place to relocate to. Whatever the reasons, here are a few more to help you consider retiring to Spain:

Spain is close

You won’t be able to forget about the people you’ve left behind back home as there are regular services from all major UK airports. Thanks to low-cost fares and frequent flights, travelling to Spain can be quicker, easier and cheaper than travelling by train in the UK. The average flight from the UK is 2 to 3 hours.

Affordable property

It’s cheaper than the UK, and as ever the location of the property is important if you are going to live there permanently. Do your research and set your price range before coming to Spain to buy your property. And of course you should decide if you want to sell your UK property or not.


It’s easy to get your UK pension paid into your Spanish bank in Euros. Contact the pensions service before you leave the UK and they will advise you best. If you can, contact a pension’s advisor to make sure you have the right information for your personal circumstances.

Cost of living

The big cities can be expensive, but generally the cost of living is considerable lower than the UK and some other European countries. According to a survey by it seems a couple can live on around €644 a month, which is approximately £500.


The benefits of the Mediterranean diet have been written about for years. The characteristics of the Spanish diet, including beans, vegetables, fish, olive oil, and red wine, isn’t just healthy, it tastes delicious. And the Costas often see more than 300 days of sunshine every year. Enough said.

Medical care

Spain has a good free health service, and you’ll be able to register with your E121. If you can afford it, private health care is excellent and you won’t find any waiting lines in the private hospitals. You will be treated on the same basis as a resident of Spain, but remember it might exclude things you would expect to get for free in the UK.

Getting around

If you’re moving to a main Spanish location, public transportation will probably be more convenient and safer than driving. Most Spanish cities have efficient bus and rail systems, and there are undergrounds in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Don’t forget to use the taxis that display a licence, they’ll show a green light when they’re available.

Being outdoors

Enjoy your retirement under the sun. The warm climate and slower pace of life makes the Mediterranean Costas the perfect retirement place. Spanish families have enjoyed unspoilt beaches and stunning scenery for generations and no doubt you’ve spent a lifetime working hard so it’s probably time to enjoy a well-earned rest, and enjoy your retirement outdoors in the sun.

Culture and history

Most towns and villages have a carnival or fiesta at least once every year, where young and old get together and celebrate. Pace yourself though, the drinking and dancing can continue for several days. You’ll never be stuck for something to do in Spain. From its Roman relics to over 1,400 museums, Spain is a treasure trove that spans the entire country.

Spanish people

Renowned for their genuine hospitality, Spanish people are generous and happy to share their relaxed lifestyle with you and go out of their way to get you involved.

So there you have it. Spain will always be a popular retirement destination for people looking for a relaxed lifestyle and warmer climate, so it’s no surprise that Spain is now considered the number one retirement hotspot.

Have a happy retirement!

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