Explore Antarctica with a cruise

Explore Antarctica with a cruise

Drop off the end of the world with a cruise to Antarctica.

Has watching the BBC’s Frozen Planet inspired you to visit Antarctica? You can cruise past towering icebergs, spotting playful seal pups and whales that visit during the summer. Photograph penguins – including the magnificent Emperors – visit international scientific research stations and experience 24 hours of sunshine in this great white continent.

The average summer temperature in Antarctica is minus seven degrees centigrade and no human lives here permanently – very few have even ventured to the edge of the southern hemisphere. Antarctica will be the adventure of a lifetime, backed up with Kuoni’s insider knowledge and service. Create your dream Kuoni holiday online.

Cruise around the South Shetland Islands, passing through channels and fjords while gazing up at magnificent icebergs. Reach shore on board Zodiac boats, visiting the islands, ports and bays and learning about Antarctica’s incredible wildlife from expert guides. All meals and drinks are included during your cruise and our tour allows you time to relax in Chile’s capital city of Santiago. You can also add on an extension, such as Patagonia or Easter Island.

Wildlife in Antarctica

You’ll encounter incredible wildlife during an Antarctic cruise. There are 17 varieties of penguin in the world and only four live and breathe in the icy waters of the Antarctic, including the amazing Emperor penguins. During the summer, large pods of minke and humpback whales feed in the nutrient-rich waters, joining the elephant, fur and leopard seals. Look to the clear blue skies and you’ll see albatrosses, turns and petrels flying south.

When is the best time to go?

Tours only operate during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, between the months of November and March. The warmest months are December and January, when days are long, the first penguin chicks hatch and there are possibly a small number of adorable seal pups. To witness penguins breeding, a November cruise is your best option, while in February and March there is the opportunity to spot visiting whale pods.

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