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Top 10 travel apps

Top 10 travel apps

Top 10 apps for travellers in 2013. Let’s face it. Even the most experienced traveller needs some help with their travels now and then. Here are 10 travel apps that will do everything from booking your flights, organising your travel …

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Buying foreign currency

Travel money tips

Travel money tips for buying foreign currency. It's not wise to turn up at your holiday destination without any cash at all but it's essential to work out how

How do travellers cheques work?

Buying travellers cheques

Thinking of buying travellers cheques for your next journey overseas? Buying travellers cheques remains a popular and secure way of taking your holiday money abroad. Mainly for security reasons,

Buying travel money from the high street

High street travel money

Buying high street travel money. You'll often find that the best exchange rates can be found when buying foreign currency online. But, if you need to get your hands

Paying the bill using a debit card abroad

Using a debit card overseas

Thinking of using a debit card abroad? When it comes to using a debit card overseas it's all about being aware of the fees you might have to pay.

Top holiday gadgets 2011

Top holiday gadgets

Top holiday gadgets worth buying in 2011. Headed for a holiday? Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure here are 5 top holiday gadgets to make travelling and holidays

Using a prepaid card overseas

Using a prepaid card overseas

Thinking of using a prepaid card overseas? With prepaid cards, the concept is just like a PAYG phone card. Load it up with cash and off you go. Once you've

Buying foreign currency online

Buying foreign currency online

Thinking of buying foreign currency online? Online money exchange rates can be very competitive so buying foreign currency online can be a great way to get hold of your

winter holiday finance

Financing winter holidays

Are you financially prepared for your winter holiday? The winter holiday season is just around the corner and some would have saved up and exchanged their cash into a

hurricane in america

Hurricane Irene – travel advice for Brits abroad

Hurricane Irene is the first hurricane to hit the U.S. mainland since Ike hit Texas in 2008. A travel advisory on the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website

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