Boeing 737 replaced in 2017

New Boeing 737 MAX

New Boeing 737 deliveries are scheduled for 2017.

The new Boeing 737 MAX will compete with Airbus’ revamped A320neo, a similar model due to be delivered in 2015 with fuel-saving engines. Boeing claims that airlines will benefit from a 7% advantage in operating costs over future competing planes. These savings should hopefully benefit passengers with cheaper airfares.

The 737 MAX will deliver passenger appeal through the new 737 Boeing Sky Interior, which boasts the most spacious cabin headroom, overhead bins that disappear into the ceiling and LED lighting that brings any colour into the cabin.

The estimated market worth of jets with around 150 seats is $2 trillion over the next 20 years, which is the biggest slice of the entire jetliner market. Boeing has already received order commitments from five airlines, amounting to 496 new Boeing 737s.

The 737 series is reported to be the best-selling jet since aviation began.

Watch the video below to find out more about the new Boeing 737.

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